Fractured Insanity

  • Fractured Insanity

  • (Belgium)

Fractured Insanity first started back in 2004 by Ignace on drums, Kenny on guitar, Didier on bass and Rob on vocals. Many gigs were played, a demo 'Ehtics of Nihility' was recorded and in 2006 the first full 'When Mankind Becomes Diseased' was recorded and released by Goregiastic Records. 2008 saw the addition of Daems on second guitar. In 2010 the 2nd full album 'Mass Awakeless' was recorded with Fafa on vocals at the famous Hertz Studios in Poland, and release by Xtreem Music from Spain. Again many gigs were played, also in The Netherlands and few times in the UK with Basement Torture Killings. After these gigs, some line-up changes were made, and in 2013 Fractured Insanity became again a band with 4 members. Stefan takes the role as bassist/vocalist. New songs were written, and in 2015 the 3th album 'Man Made Hell' was recorded. Mixing and mastering at the Hertz Studios. Released again by Xtreem Music. In April 2016 the album will be released upon mankind!

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