• Izegrim

  • (The Netherlands)

IZEGRIM’S new album "THE FERRYMAN'S END" is the logical follow-up to 2013’s "Congress of the Insane", scheduled to be release in March 2016 by LISTENABLE RECORDS.
One of the finest and hardest working European band consolidated their deal with LISTENABLE RECORDS for a CD as well as a VINYL –version of "THE FERRYMAN'S END".
In contrast to the previous album “Congress Of The Insane”, "THE FERRYMAN'S END" was written from a first person point of view. Vocalist Marloes steps into the shoes of a twisted and insane main character, sitting on death row waiting to be executed (opening-song “White Walls”). Every individual song on the album, is a journey further into the sick and disturbed brain of our murderer, who eventually gets executed in the end. During her very last act of terror, she kills the Ferryman leaving all souls of his victims dwell forever…

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