My Aim

  • My Aim

  • (Belgium)

MY AIM is a five piece progressive metalcore band hailing from Kortrijk , Belgium that formed in 2009. Their bandname points out that this band is determent to achieve something in the modern day music industry. The band, consisting of Pieterjan Haemers, Alexander Swaelens, Robbe Van Droogenbroeck, Klaas Vlieghe and Stef Debonne, solidified their technical sound after relentlessly practising and writing. They take influences from groups like I The Breather, Born of Osiris, Erra and Northlane. MY AIM takes great pleasure in always giving the best of themselves. It’s not about ego or money, it’s all about passion and dedication. Their latest and first album “Heartburn” was released on The Front Agency and shows the bands technical and musical potential. The band has shared the stage with I Declare War, My Autumn, Martyr Defiled, Boris The Blade, Ignominious Incarceration, And Hell Followed With, Breakdown of Sanity, Borderlands, Above The Hate, Crimson Falls, Planey, STAB and many more. Be sure to check MY AIM out.

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